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Crossfire Hurricane The Rolling Stones #hurrikainesaga

This afternoon took a different twist.

Still the candles and black rain clouds, but I stopped editing the next book in the Hurrikaine Saga, to watch HBOs Crossfire Hurricane, a documentary on the Rolling Stones. Being a footnote (as his girlfriend), in Bill’s autobiography Stone Alone, it is difficult to reconcile now that 50 years have passed. Though for me it was like watching a segment of what I would characterize as my high school reunion, it eventually became more about how those times have fashioned the Hurrikaine story, after so many personal experiences with Bill, the boys and “hedonistic” times Mick described so well. Brian was a sad note; he’d taught me to say, “Fuck,” and Altamont, as I was up front, too close, and eventually saw the dead body. I have bittersweet memories of those early times, and then later joining Bill on the Steel Wheels tour in both New Jersey, and then on to England, to see his final shows with the band.  They say we write what we know and those were amazing times, bittersweet memories, and one hell of a time to grow up in.