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Genre Fusion ~ Rock Fiction, Historical, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, New Adult ~ What Is My Genre?


It’s tough for me to categorize my writing. At first, I would use a throwback term Glitz and Glam. Those stories were about rags-to-riches but for me, the attraction was concentrated on the ritzy, glamorous, Hollywood-type, fast-lane entertainment stories.

In my twenties, I loved to read the Hollywood stories about actors, their struggles to be discovered, and their rocky and sometimes destructive road to fame.

However, I am a true romantic and write a romance story focusing on strong elements of attractions, steamy sex, and love between the characters, with a twist of unusual pitfalls to overcome.

The strong music element in Affairs of the Heart Series also falls under the current term used – Rock Fiction. I would say I am solid in that genre since the story delves into the development of the rock music scene from the 60s to 1990.

My characters have a lot to say so as the story begins to unravel it drops into their secrets and I weave them into the darker sides of their natures. That element comes from my love of Hitchcock and his ability to draw a picture of a regular person lured into an unusual set of events beyond anything they would normally participate in. And that fascination led me down the dark path to Noir and thriller stories.

Because of the location of the isolated Briarwood Estate in England, I could be considered a Gothic writer. I include a ghost, fog, lightning, and thunder, the usual atmospheric setting, which become a character to itself. Add a spooky, old castle I am hooked. Naturally, I would choose to add all these elements, knitting them in some places heavier than others.

What genre do I write? I see the Affairs of the Heart Series beginning as a second chance at love that degenerates into the darker side of sex, drugs, and rock n roll lifestyle bringing additional suspense, twists, and surprises. It would be fair to say I am a multi-genre author, but because of the way publishing requires definitive labels I fall under New Adult, Romance-Suspense though I wouldn’t reject Contemporary Romance, and considering the time period – Historical, or as the series draws to its conclusion a Thriller.

Tell me – what genre do you think I write in – and why?