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Expected release late 2016



Surrey County, England

Nicky was running.

The worst kind of evil had come for him. A biting wind attacked his face as if a quill of needles, but the pain was quickly forgotten. He ran faster, but he couldn’t out run the cold evil  annihilating his breaking heart. The thin path weaving in and around the thick forest was covered with rocks crunching beneath his footfall. His mind raced with selfish thoughts of what would come next? And no matter how many times he recycled this sinister scenario through his broken mind, this was still evil.

The moonlight played tricks, hiding between the shadows of the trees where the ghosts and demons lived. Nicky pushed on, fighting to ignore the chill and the paralyzing fear that rattled his bones and made his legs weak. He heard a rustling sound and stopped. He cautiously glanced over to find Luka Hunter pulling out a huge plastic bag, and then two shovels out of his car. He handed one to Nicky. They never spoke as they poured shovel after shovel of dirt, filling the deep, long hole, one full shovel after the other, until it was silent.

Luka scowled, he wasn’t satisfied.