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Holly Hill Interview

#1 What’s your story/backstory? Why would someone come up with a story about you?

Hi readers, my name is Holly Hill. I am the ingénue pushing my late-twenties and point-of-view for the London and Hollywood series of Affairs of the Heart.

My story? It’s a woman’s search for self and a life filled with meaning – and with any luck – make a difference in the people in my life.

Does that happen? We’ll see! The twist and turns as the story unfolds makes my goals seem beyond my reach as I willingly take a chance on love, and follow my heart. But that chance comes with high consequences, especially if I make the wrong choices. They could lead to destruction and worst … the death of the one’s I love most.

The reason for my story?

I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when they want to break from the past and create a new future of their own choice. I know I do. I suffered a great tragedy in my early 20s and reacted badly. Trying to define myself became impossible as my family and close friends became very watchful and protective of me, and that doesn’t allow much space to grow and develop my talents and ideas.

I work at a high-profile criminal law firm with wealthy celebrity clients as a paralegal and occasional investigator into the dark side of the law; however, I live in the shadow of a childhood friend that keeps a watchful eye on me. That relationship has led to an engagement, but I see it as another manipulation to keep me close and watch me.

Now, I am on a new adventure, in another country, far from friends and family’s watchful eye, with two wonderful men that create situations that I am able to make my own mistakes and victories, and to revel in the joy and growing freedom I’m encountering.

Another reason for my story might be to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the 1980s rock music scene. I’m unwittingly thrown into the thick of it and others may enjoy a snapshot of how rock musicians behave on and off the stage.

In my case, to see how two very strong and determined men, that climbed to the top of the 1970-80s word wide music scene, come to terms, when they inadvertently fall into love or obsession with me, the outsider, with my own wounds, that never would have considered finding love in the fast pace, dizzy, thrilling, and unpredictable sex and drug drenched world of rock-and-roll with infamous outlaw music men.

#2 Can you tell us a bit about your hero?

My hero… well … I have two. One is Luka, the other Kaine. They are similar in that they are intelligent self-made men, very successful, and have amassed large fortune.

They differ as one, Luka, is a behind-the-scenes and blonde-haired, and Kaine is the dark-haired front man in a rock band.

They both are charismatic and unbearably handsome men use to getting what they want and when they want it. Women are plentiful and the music business has caused both to become very jaded, and have lost their belief in a one true love.

An oh, did I mention… they are both interested in me and have entered into an intense rivalry to impress me.

#3 Do you expect your hero(s) to help or is he/they the problem?

At first glance, I don’t have expectations from my hero(s). Each live in a world alien to me. Everything I’ve experienced with them makes expectations difficult as their world moves fast and I barely have time to evaluate each twist and turn.

Looking deeper, I can see I do expect their help – in regards to both of them treating me with respect, and honesty, so I’m able to make wiser choices for my future with them. And that each will put my wellbeing and security on the top of their list.

But as I found out, sometimes they also become the problem, as we ride the ups and downs of the music business.

#4 Where do you live?

I live in West Hollywood, California, high above the Sunset Strip on a curvy tree-lined streets hills in Laurel Canyon. My cottage is cozy and surrounded with trees and a garden laced with a rainbow of blooming flowers.

However, in the story, I’m also a visitor in England staying in a five-star hotel, and other times traveling first class in the American Southwest staying in executive mansions, and lastly conducting secret investigations in a historic castle in Surrey, England on Briarwood Estate.

#5 During what time period does your story take place.

My story takes place in 1989 London, England, the American Southwest, and Hollywood.

#6 How are you coping with the conflict in your life?

I am exhausted, confused, overwhelmed, and sometimes falling apart, other times I am exhilarated, and the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m up for the new challenges this adventure has given me and very hopeful for a happy ever after ending.

Thanks for having me, I’ve had a wonderful time.♥