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Affairs of the Heart Series - Briarwood



Part 1

A frightening revelation…

It is one minute into the New Year of 1990 and fate has intervened creating a murderous recipe. Holly Hill regains consciousness to discover a devastating scene scattered with the bloodied bodies of Kaine Walker rockstar and Cable Music Television executive Luka Hunter.

Holly should be filled with elation after Kaine’s heartfelt return and plans to be married in three days. Instead, she is filled with distrust and bone-chilling fear after revelations of Luka’s dark, evil heart. Luka’s obsessive romantic ideas and professional involvement with her have laid claim to every part of her life — except the place he covets most — her heart. Holly begins a new journey as she returns to Briarwood Castle, England to discover the secrets its holds.

A mystery set in motion…

Luka’s patiently waited in the background for the volatile Kaine to show his true nature to Holly. His plan to put an end to her fairy tale romance with the rock star has failed and now he lays in a pool of blood, dying — or dead.

A secret concealed…

Kaine faced his worst nightmare and lost. He lies in a pool of blood — a gun in his hand as his life fades away.


He stepped out of a mist… no past, present, or future.