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Affairs of the Heart Series - Hollywood


BLOOD Book Cover

Part 1


“The London section was amazing, and Hollywood is starting to rival it! Great story, definitely recommend!” “So many twists and turns!”  “Another book I couldn’t put down.”  “This book was amazing.” – AMAZON

The rock ‘n’ roll fairy tale has ended…

A distraught Holly Hill is home in Hollywood, California. She has a secret, is emotionally devastated and heading dangerously close to drowning in a dark depression.

The knight on the white horse…

CMT executive, Luka Hunter, has Holly all to himself. Can he convince her she has the necessary strength needed for her healing and transformation?

Or… is he too late?

Will the vivid memories and dreams of Kaine Walker and their forever love continue to haunt her? Or will the secret that holds Holly captive drive her to destruction?

What will she do … when her secret is out?