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Affairs of the Heart Series - Hollywood



Part 4

The Shattering Truth

A black storm is following Holly Hill. Landfall promises to bring destruction and no one is safe. She is anxious and filled with intrepidation as she anticipates the arrival of dark haired poet, Kaine Walker, rock star. Will Holly be able to free herself from the powerful hold that Luka Hunter has on her and follow her heart?

The Evil Lies…

Luka Hunter’s plan is working flawlessly. He is confident and waiting for the perfect moment to spring a big surprise on Holly. Will it bring joy, heartbreak, or vengeance?

To Be Revealed…

Kaine Walker is expected and everyone is on edge predicting the outcome of his inevitable confrontation with Luka Hunter. Will his presence bring love or death? No matter, which, he will cause devastation like no one has ever seen.

Time is running out… Who can she trust?