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Devoted Playlist

Hi, Rock Music Lovers,

Here is the playlist for DEVOTED, Book 4 (London) of the Affairs of the Heart Series. For some this music will be a stroll down a familiar lane of wonderful memories. For others I hope you love this music as much as I have.

Keep rockin’



The Music

Chapter 1 –
 Today (Jefferson Starship)

Chapter 2 – Feel Like Making Love (Bad Company)

Chapter 3 – You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Stevie Wonder)

Chapter 4 – Take It To The Limit (Eagles)

Chapter 5 – Bad Love (Eric Clapton)

Chapter 6 – Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar)

Chapter 7 – Cocaine (Eric Clapton)

Chapter 8 – Tainted Love (Soft Cell)

Chapter 9 – Strangelove (Depeche Mode)

Chapter 10 – Stranger Than Fiction (Bad Company)

Chapter 11 – Wicked As It Seems (Keith Richards)

Chapter 12 – You’re The One (Slaughter)

Chapter 13 – Livin’ On The Edge (Aerosmith)

Chapter 14 – Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney)

Chapter 15 – How About That (Bad Company)

Chapter 16 – The Power Of Love (Huey Newton and the News)

Chapter 17 – Anything For You Love (Eric Clapton)

Chapter 18 – Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)

Chapter 19 – Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

Chapter 20 – Ready For Love (Bad Company)

Chapter 21 – Feels Like The First Time (Foreigner)

Chapter 22 – It Could All Get Blown Away (Jeff Healy)

Chapter 23 – Seven O’clock (London Choirboys)

Chapter 24 – Forever Man (Eric Clapton)