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Affairs of the Heart Series – Part 3 – London


About the London Series

What if you were falling in love but not with the man you’re engaged to?

Step into a modern, fairytale, and get lost in love, betrayal, and revenge, where your “VIP all-access pass,” takes you behind the scenes, to sex, drugs, and rock n roll, with the most gorgeous men and women in rock music.

About the Book

Holly Hill did not expect to become a girlfriend overnight, with the most beautiful man alive.

Luka Hunter persuades Holly to shoot the end of the music video at Briarwood Castle with volatile rock star Kaine Walker.

Kaine Walker has looked into millions of eyes but found his future in Holly’s.

Battle lines are drawn as Luka enters into a ‘winner take all’ rivalry with Kaine for Holly’s affections.

What will Holly do when the dream man confesses?

Are his sweet words lies?

About the Author

KEW’s love of rock music began at a very young age when she returned glass Coke bottles for change to buy 45 rpm records. Her interest moved from the music to the musician, and living in Hollywood, interviewed the Beatles when they landed at LAX. Acquiring a taste for the funny Englishmen, she began dating one of the Rolling Stones that exposed her to sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Later her memories surfaced in the Affairs of the Heart Series where she weaves her behind the scenes anecdotes with her long love of fairy tales and castles, mysteries, lightning, and thunder into a romantic suspense story.


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Titles in London Series

  • HEART (Part 1) (ISBN:978-06924427-0-8)
  • TEMPTATION (Part 2) (ISBN:978-06924988-9-7)
  • DEVOTED (Part 4) (ISBN:978-06925006-1-3)
  • BETRAYED (Part 5) (ISBN:978-06925007-0-5)

Publishing Info

ISBN: 978-06924989-8-9                          0692498982

Page Count: 254 pages

Trim: 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches)                  Format: eBook, Paperback

Price: $9.99                                              Publish Date: February 8, 2016

Subject: Romance Suspense                   Publisher: Tremmelle Publishing

Available at:        Hollywood, CA

For more information: