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Rolling Stones 1st Arrival At LAX - 1964

Rolling Stones 1st Arrival At LAX – 1964

Rock Stars & Hollywood
By KEW Townsend
(Copyright 1990/2016)

Chapter Two

Sherri and I took what seem like forever and every bus in Los Angeles until we finally reached out destination – Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). I’d never been there before so going to the airport was exciting and my inauguration to autonomy. Trying to find the correct terminal and gate in the honeycombed airport took most of our precious time. Inexperienced, we had not allowed for bus and airport time to be on time for the Stones flight arrival.  

We were late!

We finally found the correct airline and ran down the long tunnel. Up the stairway, to the gates, which gate? Oh, there it was! We found a small gathering of approximately 10 girls. The crowds tried to climb over each other to see something. The Stones! The Stones!

Somehow, the excitement began to climb from my toes and worked its way up to my chest. I felt constricted and I could barely breathe. I had to see the Stones.

As we cautiously approached the group of girls, we notice that they were all straining to look down a narrow passageway. Some girls had already gone up to where the doors were opening.

The Stones suddenly burst through the doors.

They were … were … Ugh! Ugly!! Short, skinny, pale, white, young men, with long unkempt hair.

Over the past several months, I had cultivated a deep appreciation and loyal bond for the Stones counterparts, The Beatles. The Beatles were presented as squeaky clean, well-mannered and non-sexually threatening in appearance. Their song lyrics spoke to me only of holding hands and of sweet, so sweet kisses. Their entire media blitz image presented solid, honorable, well-intentioned, husband material.

Many years before, I had step-Aunt who hailed from Jolly old England. She was my first and only exposure to an English accent. She too was clean, well- mannered and meticulous in appearance, as the Beatles. Imagine my horror when I came face-to-face with my first English import, The Stones.

They did not estimate the anticipated scrubbed, wholesome appearance and so familiar now by the Beatles. The Stones’ unattractive, exaggerated features were very prominently on the thin, colorless sunken faces. Their undersized bodies were by contrast, emaciated and repulsive. Thoughts of King Bee flashed through my mind, and I could not justify many thoughts of a physical relationship within one of the Stones as they poured out of the gates at the airport terminal.

They ran past me and grabbed others girl hands. Mick Jagger, the lead singer, latched on to the hand of an exotic looking girl with midnight black, shoulder length hair. Slender, she wore the California’s surfer uniform, hip-huggers pants, and a crop top.

Oh My God! Sherri and I never thought of what to wear.

Based on news shots of the Beatles arriving in New York and the massive crowd held back behind gates, we never thought we would get that close!


What about you? Have you ever gone to the airport to meet a band, if so, who where they, where were you, and what happened?